「工+藝」KO+GEI 2024 5.23[thu]-26[sun] 東京美術倶楽部3階ホール@TOKYO ART CLUB

KO+GEI prologue

The Tokyo Art Club has over 115 years of history supporting the art market, and for the first time will host “KO+GEI”.
Prominent art dealers from across Japan and from all fields have carefully selected 48 contemporary artists, and in this show we will both exhibit and sell works of art being shown for the first time.

Participating artists include 11 specially invited guests who are driving forces in the world of contemporary KOGEI, and 37 enthusiastically recommended artists who have captured the world’s attention.

In addition, special judges who have shared the brilliance of KOGEI with the public have been invited to present awards.
Members of the Tokyo Art Club, comprised of art dealers from all parts of Japan, will also vote on a Grand Prize and two Awards of Excellence.

KOGEI has become a much talked about subject in the art world these days, so for this project we have attempted to capture the concept as “KO+GEI”.
The techniques of the “Craft” (KO) that have advanced Japanese traditions,
and the “Art” (GEI) born of the deep, creative consciousness of each artist.
KO + GEI =
Craft + Art =
What will be born of this equation?
By all means, please come to see the results for yourself.

It is also possible to purchase the works being exhibited this time.
(All works will be sold by lottery, and applications can be made at any time during the exhibition. Please be aware that things will not be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.)
Through the act of being cherished by their new owners, works of art no longer in the possession of their creators take on a new dimension of “art”, providing artists with the power to create their next works.
By all means, please experience firsthand the excitement of buying a new work of art.

Entry is free.
We look forward to welcoming everyone to the show.

In addition, we offer the following benefits to our guests.

【Premium benefits for visitors】
■Gallery Tour
15:00- (thu) May23rd:   Yamashita Yuji
15:00- (fri) May24th: Hashimoto Mari
15:00- (sat) May25th: Akimoto Yuji
Pre-registration will be accepted via email.

■You can enjoy authentic “nihon cha” at “Seibian”.
Open (10:00-17:00) May 23rd, 24th, 25th
Attendees will be able to enjoy tea at “Seibian” (our tea room on the second floor).
Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea while looking out at the Japanese garden.

【Click here for Grand Prix results】


Awards will be presented by the special judges and members of the Tokyo Art Club on the final day.
Award winning works will be shown in a special exhibition after the event is finished.

Special Judge Awards

Four well-known experts will select a special award.

Akimoto Yuji Award

Honorary Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts
Special Director, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Art Critic
Has introduced Kogei as a form of contemporary art in exhibitions such as, “Art Crafting Towards the Future”, and “GO FOR KOGEI”. Author of “Naoshima Project”, and “Art Crafting Towards the Future – New Kogei Becomes Art”, etc.

■ Comment on “Ko+Gei”

Even from a global perspective, Japanese Kogei is at a high level. Recently, new Kogei is no longer bound only to the category of “craft”, but is connected to contemporary art and design, and spreading into other fields. Accordingly, the standing of Kogei artists and craftspeople has diversified, and while the unique characteristics of individuals are being recognized, group activities and collaborative works are also widespread. From the fixed, apprentice-like relationships common until now, a new Kogei is being born, that is more equal, free, and progressing at a fast rate. By adding variation to the techniques employed, a wide array of works are being created. The artists exhibiting here are the ones driving this movement, and it is a great pleasure to encounter their works here under the same roof.

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[Kikuchi Misao]

Kikuchi Kanjitsu Memorial
Tomo Museum Award

Director of the Kikuchi Kanjitsu Memorial Tomo Museum, which focuses its exhibitions around contemporary ceramics.
Chairman of the Kikuchi Art Foundation
Also serves as the Director of Keiyo Gas Co., Ltd.

■ Comment on “Ko+Gei”

Congratulations to the Tokyo Art Club for opening the first “Ko+Gei Tokyo Art Club Kogei” exhibition. I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the establishment of the “Kikuchi Kanjitsu Memorial Tomo Museum Award”, which is a great honor.
Kogei occupies an important place in the history of Japanese art, and in modern times as well, a number of artists are producing free-spirited and creative works. While our museum holds public exhibitions to promote the development of Kogei, the Tokyo Art Club’s exhibition “Ko+Gei” puts the spotlight on contemporary Kogei and transmits its fascinating breadth both in Japan and abroad. It is my sincere hope that it will become an impetus for artists to create new forms of beauty moving forward.

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Nakata Hidetoshi Award

Former Japanese national soccer team player, participated in three consecutive FIFA World Cups, retired after the 2006 Germany tournament. In order to learn about Japanese culture, he traveled to all 47 prefectures across the country. Being exposed to the charm of traditional culture through this trip, he established JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY Co., Ltd. in 2015. He is now developing businesses to promote crafts of Japanese culture such as Japanese sake, Japanese tea and traditional crafts, and is working to disseminate the information about it both domestically and internationally.

■ Comment on “Ko+Gei”

When I look at a creative work, I am first attracted to the work that I feel genuinely beautiful and want to keep close at hand. Even though techniques and technology recently used in the creation were improved, I believe that true beauty does not change through ages; technique is not something to show off but is just a method for their expression.
I hope that the artists of the future generation will create works that enrich our modern lives, regardless of whether they are crafts or art, usable or unusable. May the exhibition “KO+GEI” be a good opportunity to contemplate those, to create ever so glorious beauty, transcending genres, and generations, and to introduce to the world.

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Yamashita Yuji Award

Art historian. Professor at Department of Art Studies, Faculty of Letters, Meiji Gakuin University. Born in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, in 1958. Completed post-graduate studies at Tokyo University. Began career with research on Muromachi period ink painting, but is now active in promoting a wide range of Japanese art, from the Jomon period to contemporary art. Has published Future National Treasures / My National Treasures (Shogakukan), Counterattack of the Commercial Artists (NHK Publishing Shinsho), and more.

■ Comment on “Ko+Gei”

To date, I have organized and advised on three Kogei exhibitions. The first of these was the 2014 exhibition “Kogei – Superlative Craftsmanship from Meiji Japan”, which traveled throughout the country. The second was “Amazing Craftsmanship! From Meiji Kogei to Contemporary Art”, and the third was “In the Genes – Taking Marvelous Meiji Craftsmanship into the Future”, which is traveling around Japan still now. Meiji Kogei, including lacquerware, cloisonne, woodwork, metalwork, and so on, was first recognized outside of Japan as being at the highest level in the world, but the past ten years have brought about an opportunity to reassess its value here in Japan as well. And now, the attention being paid to the contemporary artists who have inherited that DNA has dramatically increased. It is impossible, however, to create captivating works with good technique alone. That outstanding craftsmanship must be combined with other sensibilities. I am hoping to encounter such artists at the “Ko+Gei” exhibition.

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Tokyo Art Club Awards

The competition will be judged by 480gallery owners snd90young members.

Works Eligible

Those of the 37 recommended artists

Announcement of Award Recipients

Sunday May 26, 2024
Notification of works awarded will be posted on the final day of the exhibition.

Special Exhibition Schedule for Award Recipients

Monday May 27 – Sunday June 2, 2024
In a specially made area in the 1st floor lobby of the Tokyo Art Club



Over the course of the past 115 plus years and with the cooperation of over 500 art dealers from all parts of Japan, regardless of the time or genre, the Tokyo Art Club has become a bridge connecting works of art with fans and collectors. In that capacity, while providing a place for the professional trade of art to be conducted, we also hold exhibitions and art fairs to introduce outstanding works of art to the public at large.

On this occasion, we host the exhibition “KO+GEI 2024 Tokyo Art Club” for the first time.

KOGEI has recently become a much talked about subject in the art world, becoming an independent genre in its own right, and causing us to reconsider exactly what KOGEI means. We have attempted to capture the idea through the perspective of “Craft” (KO), as the act of using refined techniques to give new life to carefully selected materials; combined with “Art” (GEI), as an expression of the ever-changing aesthetic sensibilities of the times. In the modern era, handmade “Craft” maintains aspects of tradition, yet is evolving alongside developments in scientific technology. Meanwhile, human consciousness is increasingly sensitive in this complex age, which is expressed in a deeper, more intellectual beauty, or “Art”.

For this exhibition, we have carefully selected 48 artists who have channeled this combination of “Craft” and “Art” in their work, and both exhibit and sell works being shown for the first time. Through the act of being purchased and changing hands, works of art take on a new dimension.

These artists now continuously create in their own unique combination of “Craft + Art”. It would be our pleasure if this exhibition could help their activities, and allow a great number of people to share in the joy of encountering their work.

May 2024
President, Tokyo Art Club, Ltd.

Nakamura Jun Nakamura Jun


Tokyo Art Club
6-19-15 Shinbashi, Minato ku, Tokyo

2 minuteswalk from A4, exit Onarimon Station, Mita LineTokyo Metro
5 minuteswalk from A4, exit Daimon Station, Asakusa LineToei


Venue Tokyo Art Club
KO+GEI 2024 Tokyo Art Club
Schedule Thursday May 23 – Sunday May 26, 2024
Open 10:00am – 5:00pm
Address 6-19-15 Shinbashi, Minato ku, Tokyo
Free Entry

Tokyo Art Club

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“東京美術倶楽部”Tokyo Art Club has a historyof over100years.
IntheJapaneseartindustry, Which hasbeentrustedforalongtime.
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Our business includes art exhibitions, tea ceremony, certificates, appraisals, sales intermediaries, and copyright management.
“東京美術倶楽部”Tokyo Art Club has a historyof over100years.
IntheJapaneseartindustry, Which hasbeentrustedforalongtime.
Our purpose is to spread correct knowledge and understanding of works of art.
We have facilities that allow us to preserve and utilize Japan’s outstanding works of art.
This facility has a wide hall, large Japanese-style room and Japanese gardens.